Important security fix in Wordfence 5.1.4

A week ago we released a fix for a security issue in Wordfence 5.1.2 and older. The bug was discovered by Narendra Bhati who is a Security Analyst at “Suma Soft Pvt Ltd Pune ( India).” IT Risk & Security Management Services.

We released an immediate fix to our customers. Since then we’ve seen over 60,000 customers upgrade their Wordfence installation to the newest version containing a fix which is 5.1.4. Details of this issue are being released today so if you haven’t upgraded to Wordfence 5.1.4 already, please do so now.

Please note that Wordfence 5.1.4 also has a feature that automatically keeps Wordfence up-to-date. Once enabled this feature will ensure that within 24 hours of a new Wordfence release your WordPress site will be automatically upgraded to the newest version of Wordfence.

Thanks to Narendra for working closely with us to help keep Wordfence the best WordPress security plugin available.

[Note that this issue was designated: CVE-2014-4664]

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