WordPress Security for Beginners – Where to Start

One of the reasons that WordPress is so popular, powering 25% of all websites, is how easy it is use. This is encouraging a lot of beginners to build their own websites. In fact, according to our recent WordPress Security Survey, 17.4% of respondents self-identify as novices or having little to no website security expertise.

With this in mind, when we developed our recently launched WordPress Security Learning Center, we created content for every level including beginners.

For you beginners out there we recommend that you start with our Introduction to WordPress Security article. In it you will learn how to run more secure websites. We cover topics like password security, how to manage comments, how to select and manage themes and plugins and how to manage user security.

For those of you with more experience you may want to read the article as a refresher. Of particular value, we created a handy WordPress User Roles Table  which you can use as a reference when creating WordPress accounts with specific access levels. We also include a quick demo video that shows you how important it is to always use sFTP to administer your website and how an attacker can steal your credentials if you don’t use sFTP.

We encourage you to share this resource with anyone in the WordPress community that you think will benefit from it. The Learning Center is available for use free of charge for everyone.

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