Introducing Discounted Hacked Site Cleanings

Last month we introduced ‘high demand’ pricing for our site cleaning service. We did this because demand for site cleanings is seasonal and it became a challenge for us to deal with the surges in business we would see while maintaining a high level of customer service.

We have always run our site cleaning business at break-even, which is why we are the lowest priced site cleaning service in the industry for such high quality. We clean sites to gain a better understanding of how hackers successfully compromise them, and to gather forensic data to improve our malware detection capability.

We introduced the concept of demand based pricing to regulate the volume of orders we receive. It does not generate significantly more revenue. As demand goes up, by increasing the price we keep the number of orders from overwhelming our team, enabling us to deliver a consistent level of service to our customers.

Before we introduced high demand pricing, we had a system in place that would just extend the wait time for a site cleaning. We would tell customers that it would take 1, then 2, then 4 – and we eventually got up to a 6 business day wait time for turnaround on a hacked site. That was completely unacceptable in our view. We wanted to deliver a consistent level of customer service, even if we were telling our customers what the wait time was and setting their expectations.

Instead, I wanted our team to clean sites with a consistently fast turnaround time that never changed. In the face of fluctuating demand, the only way to regulate the order volume we received was to allow pricing to fluctuate.┬áSo we came up with ‘high demand’ pricing which helps keep our order volume at a manageable level during periods of high demand.

Introducing Discounted Site Cleanings

Now that our new pricing model has been live for a month, we have learned that we also have periods of low demand, like weekends. And we also have periods of very high productivity from our team, like Monday mornings. Yesterday morning, a Monday, we saw our team just charge through the site cleaning queue and almost empty it very quickly.

We think that demand driven pricing should work both ways and our customers should benefit during times of low demand. If we’re going to regulate demand in one direction, why not do it in the other? So starting last Friday, we introduced discounted pricing.

When our site cleaning queue falls below a certain threshold, discounted pricing kicks in and the multiplier will drop. So for example, yesterday morning we were selling site cleanings for 0.7X their usual price because the team emptied the queue. So instead of a site cleaning costing you $179 per site, it costs $125.70 if you order during a discount window. That’s a huge discount and without a doubt the best value for a hacked site cleaning in the business.

You’ll know that discounted pricing is in effect on our site cleaning page because you’ll see a notice like this:

Additional Sites Are Only $99 Each

Many people don’t realize that we only charge $99 for each additional site you want cleaned for a given order. If you are an agency or developer, this is an incredible deal if you are working to clean up several hacked sites. You can order up to 10 sites through our standard checkout with this pricing. If you have more, please contact us using the link on the checkout page.

Our work comes with a 90 day guarantee and we don’t lock you into an expensive recurring billing subscription. Our team are also some of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure to work with and they are mentored by Brad Haas (CISSP, GCIH, and GCFA), one of our very talented senior analysts.

Integrating The Team

We recently made some additional changes to the Security Services Team (SST), by integrating them with our Customer Service team. Our SST and CS teams now work as a unit, seamlessly working with our site cleaning customers to securely get the required credentials, get the systems set up for the site cleaning and get the job done as quickly, securely and effectively as possible.

We continue to measure, evaluate and improve our processes to ensure that our customers, their data and their customers stay secure and recover from a hack as quickly as possible.

As always, we value your feedback and would love to hear from you, so please go ahead and post in the comments below. I’ll be around to read and reply.


Mark Maunder

Defiant Founder & CEO

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  • Thank you for your continued enhancements to your products.

  • Hi Mark,

    This is certainly good news.

    While I'm not looking to get hacked, it is calming to know that while customers get to pay higher during demand surges, they also get to pay well lower when demand bottoms: the perfect win-win.

    As always, you guys rock!

    Akaahan Terungwa


    I found your WF plugin so awesome and your knowledge of WP security so deep and profound that I recently had to purchase premium WF licenses for all the sites I currently run.

    There too, I smiled as the price dropped (as the number of licenses increased).

    Keep up the awesome customer service and never let your zeal to keep the bad guys off wane :)

  • Hello Mark,

    I want to 2nd what Akaahan mentioned above... Your offer to lower the price of your "cleaning" services during lower demand times is a brilliant way to even out the peaks and valleys of your workflow, while at the same time offering an incentive to your customers.

    Your messaging (yes, I'm a Marketer ;-) ) is spot on and represents a very attractive offer!

    While I am currently using the free version of WordFence now, I will certainly be upgrading to premium just before we officially launch our site,

    Thanks for the great work!

    John Bentham