Wordfence: Live On Tour In A City Near You

This year we’ve attended and sponsored quite a few WordCamps, and have had members of our team speak at some as well. If you haven’t attended one recently we highly recommend it. They’re a great opportunity to learn and connect with other members of the WordPress community.

WPCampus Highlights

While not strictly a WordCamp, in July we sponsored and attended WPCampus, “a community and conference for web professionals, educators and people dedicated to the confluence of WordPress in higher education.” We work with many educational institutions throughout the world to protect their WordPress sites, so sponsoring and attending the conference was a great opportunity to connect with our users face to face and introduce Wordfence to those who haven’t discovered us yet.

The Wordfence table was lively throughout the event, with Mikey giving impromptu lock picking lessons and Kathy going deep on how to protect WordPress at scale.

Mikey teaching lock picking to a WPCampus attendee


If you’re tasked with securing WordPress for a college or university and missed WPCampus, consider setting up some time with Kathy to discuss how best to leverage Wordfence to tackle the unique challenges you’re facing.

Those who attended the conference were treated to a presentation, “What the hack? Fortifying your security by understanding your adversary”, by our very own Mikey Veenstra. He is one of the Threat Analysts on our team who are responsible for developing the malware signatures and firewall rules that keep your sites safe. The WPCampus team was kind enough to capture the presentation and publish it on YouTube. We think you’ll enjoy it.

Upcoming WordCamps

WordCamp Minneapolis – this weekend

Through tomorrow (August 25th), we are attending and sponsoring WordCamp Minneapolis. Tim, Matt and James from our team are there manning the Wordfence table and running a capture the flag contest. We’re giving away great prizes including a Sony Playstation with a VR Bundle. Most of you probably know Tim from his years providing excellent support on our customer service team. Matt and James are both software developers on our team.

The Wordfence table at WordCamp Minneapolis


WordCamp Omaha  –  Sunday (8/26)

Our very own Brad Haas, Wordfence’s Senior Security Analyst, will be speaking tomorrow at WordCamp Omaha. His presentation, “Hacking War Stories (and what you can learn from them)”, is going to be really fun.

WordCamp New York – September 15 & 16th

Our Director of Information Security Colette Chamberland and Chloe Chamberland from our Security Services Team will be presenting “How to Optimally Secure Your WordPress Environment” on Saturday, September 15th at WordCamp New York.

WordCamp Sacramento – September 15th & 16th

We will be sponsoring and attending WordCamp Sacramento. Mark Maunder, our CEO, will be attending along with Kathy Zant, a Client Partner on our team. We will be running a capture the flag contest with great prizes. Kathy will be giving a talk titled “Evaluating Plugins: Strategies To Effectively Extend WordPress”, don’t miss it!

WordCamp Los Angeles – September 21st & 22nd

We will be sponsoring and attending WordCamp Los Angeles. A number of us will be attending and we will be running a capture the flag contest.

WordCamps Later in the Year

They’re still in planning stages, but we’re planning to attend quite a few WordCamps this fall. You will most likely see us in Vancouver, Orlando, Seattle, Portland and a few other cities. Stay tuned for more updates.

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  • Wonderful. Look forward to seeing you guys in Vancouver BC.

  • Better yet, you need to share the videos of Mikey at karaoke at the after party! Dude can sing!

    In all seriousness, Mikey did a fantastic job representing Defiant, and was a pleasure to hang out with him.

    • Thanks Paul! It was great meeting you in St. Louis! We'll see each other again, I'm sure.

  • Are you guys coming to Miami, FL?

    • We haven't planned out that far yet, but that might work for us. We have a lot of people in FL!

  • Hope you will be at the Baltimore WordCamp in early October.

  • How about Toronto? Beginning of December

  • When will they visit WordCamp SJ Costa Rica?

  • No Philadelphia ??? :(

  • What about Atlanta.

  • You seem to forget you have user in NC. When shall you come our way?

  • I was at the Omaha WordCamp today and really enjoyed Brad Haas' talk. Very interesting stuff! If anyone gets a chance again in the future to watch his talk, don't miss out!