How We Think About WordPress Security and Research

This weekend I had a really fun conversation with Doc Pop from Torque Magazine. Torque is a great news source for WordPress news. They are part of WP Engine, but maintain editorial independence.

I chatted with Doc in Nashville, in the Music City Center where WordCamp US was being held. Music City Center is an amazing facility and you can see some of it in the background of our interview. Nashville is also an incredible city. We will be posting a roundup of WordCamp US tomorrow morning.

In our conversation, Doc asked me various questions about WordPress security and the research we do. He got me talking about how we work, how we think about security, responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities and WordPress security in general.

The video of the interview is below. I’ll be around to answer any questions in the comments.

~Mark Maunder


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  • Hi Mark -- thanks for all the great posts this year and to the Defiant team for their tremendous work on Wordfence. Pro Tip for you with love and respect ... for future videos run the mic wire either up the front or back of your shirt to hide it, then clip the mic to your collar. If up the back, loop the wire over your shoulder under your shirt before clipping the mic. Hey ... these things live forever in the ether ... we always want Defiant to look its absolute best :-)

    • Thanks Ron. Not my call. Doc Pop from Torque set that up. What we usually do is run the mic on the inside of the subject's shirt and tape it to the inside of the shirt. Totally invisible. We did that for the Defiant team video. Check out this page:

      All audio there is done with a lav mic which is totally invisible.

  • You and your team totally rock, I can't say how appreciative I am of having your plugin and support at my back! Thank you for all those long nights ;-)

    Keep up the great work and blog!!