Podcast Episode 3: The Cory Miller Interview and Active Exploits Target Easy WP SMTP Plugin

Welcome to Think Like a Hacker, Episode 3. In this episode Mikey Veenstra, a threat analyst at Wordfence, discusses an active exploit in the Easy WP SMTP plugin. This is breaking news which we added to the podcast at the very last minute.

We also chat with Cory Miller, the founder and former CEO of iThemes about how he created his business, why he sold to Liquid Web, what it’s like being an entrepreneur and much more. You can find Cory on Twitter at @corymiller303. And as always we cover the news with Kathy Zant.

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This week in the news we cover:

You can find me on Twitter as @mmaunder, Kathy as @kathyzant, and Mikey as @heyitsmikeyv. Please don’t hesitate to post your feedback in the comments below.

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  • Awesome PodCast!

  • We have Wordfence Premium on 4 sites. Why everyone doesn't, it makes no sense. I can't keep up on everything security related, I have a job. I do some web design, Google Analytics, Google Adwords...etc. I have no time to do what you guys do, thus we have Wordfence premium. Thank You.