Think Like a Hacker Ryan Dewhurst Interview

Podcast Episode 26: How Hackers Find Vulnerabilities in WordPress with Ryan Dewhurst

Ryan Dewhurst is an ethical hacker and penetration tester who has developed a number of tools that make finding vulnerabilities in WordPress much easier. Penetration testers are professional ethical hackers that find vulnerabilities so they can be patched before they are exploited. Ryan is one of three contributors to WPScan, a command line tool that streamlines this pen testing. Ryan also maintains the WPScan Vulnerability Database, used by many services including Wordfence to alert WordPress users to the vulnerabilities on their site. Ryan and Mark talk about these services, how they work, how they’re used and how you can use them to hack your own site to test your own site’s security.

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You can find Ryan and Dewhurst Security on Twitter @ethicalhack3r and @dewhurstsec or at You can find Mark on Twitter as @mmaunder and Kathy as @kathyzant.

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  • WordPress is an incredibly useful and versatile platform for all kinds of blogging. It’s become very popular. Unfortunately, that popularity has brought with it quite a few vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.