Think Like a Hacker Episode 60

Podcast Episode 60: Top WordPress Influencer Lists & Chrome Password Security Improvements

A small furor erupted over a top influencers in WordPress list that neglected to show the diverse nature of the WordPress community. We talk about the impossibility of making an accurate list that reflects the true nature of WordPress influence or contribution, and the diversity we saw during our work on Open, our film project about the WordPress community. We also talk about Google plans to give slow websites a new badge of shame in Chrome, password security updates in Chrome 79, and the DHS reconsiders a plan to use facial-recognition technology on all U.S. citizens traveling internationally.

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This week in the news we cover:

  • A WordPress top influencer list misses out on the diversity and depth of WordPress influence and contribution.
  • Google Chrome plans to warn site visitors of speed and performance problems with websites.
  • Chrome 79 launches with password protection and dozens of security fixes.
  • DHS reconsiders facial recognition technology on US travelers. The US lags behind China in number of surveillance cameras.

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