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Breaking Out of Shells at DerbyCon

This entry was posted in Miscellaneous on October 12, 2018 by Nate Smith   0 Replies

I downloaded my first copy of BackTrack when I was 13. I had no idea what I was doing, or how to use it, but I knew that I was hooked. I’ve been fascinated with technology since I was a kid, so the idea that I could interact with that technology in new and unexpected ways was exciting. I followed my passion for technology into my adult life, but had always played it relatively safe. I got into satellite and other RF communications, then found myself working various IT roles. I worked my way up to an admin role for a hosting provider, decided it wasn’t for me, and found myself back where I originally started: information security. I began pursuing a career in InfoSec and rediscovered my passion for red team work, but felt disconnected from the community. I didn’t feel like I had the talent or experience required to get involved in any hackerspaces, and was holding myself back from interacting with other people like myself. This is a story of how I overcame that by doing something I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the social courage to take on: attend a security conference, and involve myself in a community that I’ve always admired from afar....read more

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