Wordfence Premium is sold as an annual license that is set to automatically renew by default. Discounts are available for volume purchases.

Wordfence Premium license keys enable a number of premium features. A license key is needed for each WordPress installation you want to protect with premium features. You can read more about our premium features here.

License Purchase

License keys are purchased in one-year increments. Prices can be discounted based on the number of active license keys in your account plus the number of license keys that you are purchasing. Additional one-time discounts may be available for buying multiple years upfront. The following table shows the discount levels offered for different active license key quantities:

Active License Count Discount % Price Per License
1 0% $99.00
2-4 10% $89.10
5-9 15% $84.15
10-14 20% $79.20
15+ 25% $74.25


License Key Renewals

License key renewals are subject to a discount based on the number of active license keys in your account at the time of renewal. This means that your renewal price will fluctuate over the life of your license as you add or remove license keys from your account. License terms begin at purchase and renew one year from the date of purchase unless subsequent years were purchased in advance. License keys are set to automatically renew by default. The automatic renewal for any license key can be disabled on the license key management page in your account.

You are notified about the renewal of any of your license keys ten days before they expire. If the automatic renewal fails for any license key then a new attempt is made 5, 15, and 28 days after the license key has expired. If you are having problems with the automatic renewal of your license keys then please open a Premium support ticket.

Licenses Purchased Prior to July 24th, 2018

License keys purchased prior to July 24th, 2018 are subject to different license renewal price terms.

The subscription clock for these license keys only starts counting down when the license key has been installed on a site. These license keys do not count toward your active license key count unless they have been installed on a site.

Renewal prices for these license keys are fixed, meaning that the original price paid for these license keys are honored for the life of the license. If the renewal price based on the current active license discount is lower than the original price paid then we will automatically charge the lowest price.