Comment Spam Filter

WordPress comment spam detection and filtering.

The Wordfence Comment Spam Filter examines comments as they are posted and takes appropriate action depending on whether the comment is likely to be spam.

Hold anonymous comments using member emails for moderation

In WordPress it’s possible for someone who is not a member on your website to post a comment and to specify an email address of a real member on your site. This behavior is suspicious and may be incorporated into a more sophisticated attack. So we suggest that you leave this option enabled which will hold those comments for moderation before they’re published.

Filter comments for malware and phishing URLs

This runs all comments through the Google Safe Browsing list which is the list that Google uses to alert you that you’re visiting an unsafe website in Chrome, their web browser. We use that same list and if you enable this we will check any comments posted for malware of phishing related URLs that Google have published. We strongly recommend you enable this. When enabled any comments with a bad URL will be held for moderation.

Advanced Comment Spam Filter

The Wordfence free version already includes excellent comment spam filtering. If you are a premium customer, we provide an additional feature that does a further check to prevent comment spam. This feature does an additional check on the source IP of inbound comments and any URLs that are included. We have found this feature has a high likelihood of reducing spam that has been known to slip through traditional spam filters.