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Wordfence Care is for business owners who place a premium on their time. Our team installs, configures, optimizes, and maintains your WordPress site security. Wordfence Care comes with all the benefits of Wordfence Premium, and it includes hands-on support from our team during business hours (9am to 8pm US Eastern Time) along with incident response in the event of a security incident.

$490.00 USD / Year

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Close-up of site cleaning status

  • We Start By Installing, Configuring, and Optimizing Your Site Security

    When you sign up for Wordfence Care, we install, configure, and optimize Wordfence to provide maximum protection for your site with a custom configuration based on the kind of website you are running and your specific needs. We also include a comprehensive security audit that will resolve any existing security problems or infections.

    Our team reviews the results of your security audit with you and is available to answer any questions. If your site is already infected or has a major security issue, we resolve it at no additional cost before we start configuring your site.

    Wordfence Care licenses cover one site per license. If you have multiple separate sites that are not isolated on your server, due to the potential for cross-infection, each site will require a Wordfence Care license or else be isolated to be eligible for Wordfence Care.

  • We Monitor Your Site Security

    Wordfence Care includes proactive monitoring of your site security via the security events displayed on the Wordfence Central dashboard. If our team sees a security issue, we contact you to discuss it. If it's a problem, we resolve the issue for you, activating our incident response team if necessary to resolve an incident or remove malware. All of this is included with Wordfence Care at no extra cost.

  • Malware Removal, Incident Response, Blocklist Removal, and Search Cleanup

    As a Wordfence Care customer, if you have a security incident, we activate incident response and provide a full malware cleanup and forensic investigation at no extra charge.

    Every incident we investigate comes with a full report that explains what happened, why it happened, and how to prevent a similar incident in the future. If your site was added to any malicious site lists, we help you get removed from those lists to protect your reputation. And if you have any search engine issues related to the incident, we work with you to resolve those too.

  • For Business Owners Who Place a Premium On Their Time

    Wordfence Care is designed for small to medium-sized businesses. Whether you're a sole proprietor or a fast-growing team, we understand that your time is best spent on innovation and serving your customers. We created Wordfence Care with you in mind. Care gives you a way to delegate your WordPress site security to the global leaders in WordPress security so that you can get back to creating, leading, and innovating.

    With Wordfence Care, we take care of it, so that you can take care of business. Click here now to activate the Wordfence team, secure your site, and get back to doing what you’re great at!

With Wordfence Care, We Take Care Of It

Wordfence Care customers receive priority support and unlimited hands-on incident response in the event of a security incident.

Includes Free Centralized Management

Wordfence Central is a powerful and efficient way to manage the security of multiple WordPress sites from a single console. Rapidly assess the security status of all your websites on a single page. View detailed security findings without leaving Wordfence Central and receive notifications when one of your sites experiences a security event. Powerful templates make configuring the security of all your WordPress sites a breeze.

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