Sign-up for the Wordfence Beta Program

Our new release process at Wordfence includes a beta release process that ensures that we continue to deliver enterprise class software to the tens of thousands of businesses and individuals that use Wordfence.

Once completed, every Wordfence release goes through a hands-on internal software quality assurance test and an automated testing system. Once that passes we release each version of Wordfence to our beta testers. Our testers are given access to a private bug reporting channel. Once we’re happy that the release is stable, we deploy it to the WordPress repository and it goes into production.

If you would like to become part of our beta testing team, you can sign up using the form below. This will subscribe you to an email list which is the primary communications channel we use to communicate with our beta team. You will be told via email when a new release is ready for testing, what the new features are and where to download it. Once subscribed you will also be given instructions on how to report bugs to us.

Please only join the list below if you would like to become an active tester of early releases of Wordfence.