Wordfence Premium customers receive firewall rules, malware signatures and malicious IP updates in real time.

When armed with the premium version of the Threat Defense Feed, Wordfence Firewall provides the best protection available. Wordfence Scan leverages the same proprietary feed, alerting you quickly if your site is compromised.

The most you will pay for a premium license is $8.25 per month and we offer significant discounts on multi-year and multi-license purchases.

The absolute best protection for all your hard work

Rest easy with Wordfence Premium world-class security. Dedicated to eradicate cyber threat, Wordfence Premium includes these powerful features:

Real-Time Threat Defense Feed

Real-Time Threat Defense Feed

Protection from the latest threats, delivered as they emerge

Wordfence protects over 2 million WordPress websites, giving us unmatched access to information about how hackers compromise sites, where attacks originate from and the malicious code they leave behind. The team in our Forensic Lab are constantly adding updates as they discover new threats. Premium members receive the real-time version of the Threat Defense Feed. Free users receive the community version, which is delayed by 30 days.

The real-time version of the Threat Defense Feed provides our Firewall and Scan Engine with:

  • Updated firewall rules
  • The latest malware signatures
  • Malicious IP updates
Check if Site is Spamvertized

Check if Site is Spamvertized

More than a pain, spam is destructive

When your website URL is being used for spamvertising, it can severely impact your SEO rankings and email deliverability. Wordfence checks if your website URL has been flagged for spamvertising, indicating that your site may have been compromised or that you are emailing too aggressively.

Wordfence prevents your site from becoming a venue for spamvertizing by:

  • Protecting your site from being hacked, which prevents spammers from using your URL in spam emails
  • Checking if your site domain name has been flagged as a source of spam, which may indicate that your site has been hacked, or you are being flagged as a spammer for another reason
Check if Site IP is Generating Spam

Check if Site IP is Generating Spam

Feeling ignored? Your emails might be trapped

Your legitimate customer emails can be caught in spam filters if another site on your shared IP address is generating a lot of spam. Use this feature to confirm that your site is running on a clean IP address, and that the shared IP you are using to host your website is not listed as a known source of spam email.

Wordfence prevents your IP from generating spam by:

  • Checking your IP address reputation with reputation providers like Spamhaus
  • Protecting your own website which prevents your site from being used to send spam email
  • Alerting you to file changes that don’t match the official WordPress repository, which may indicate a script installed that generates spam
Cell Phone Sign In

Cell Phone Sign In

The most effective way to stop brute force attacks permanently

Take your site security to the next level with “Two Factor Authentication” and secure your website investment. Used by banks, government agencies and military worldwide, Two Factor is one of the most secure forms of remote system authentication available.

Wordfence Cell Phone Sign-in is secure because:

  • It relies on something you know (your password) and something you have (your cellphone). Two factors
  • It prevents simple password guessing attacks because they don’t have your cellphone to pass the second phase of authentication
  • An attacker needs to know your password before you will receive an SMS, protecting you from being inundated with SMS’s during a brute force attack
Premium Support

Premium Support

We are WP security experts, and we are ready to help you

Gain access to even more in depth support and additional features with Wordfence Premium. We are actively involved in WordPress forums and posting security updates on our Wordfence blog, but with Premium Support we are able to be even more responsive to security and plugin questions and requests.

Wordfence Premium offers these additional features:

  • Remote, frequent and scheduled scans
  • Spamvertising and site IP spam generation audits
  • Advanced content spam filter
  • Cell phone sign in
  • Country blocking
Country Blocking

Country Blocking

Put geographic protection in place

Wordfence country blocking is designed to stop an attack, prevent content theft or end malicious activity that originates from a geographic region in less than 1/300,000th of a second. Blocking countries who are regularly creating failed logins, a large number of page not found errors and are clearly engaging in malicious activity is an effective way to protect your site during an attack.

Wordfence Country Blocking gives you these options to protect your WP site:

  • Block access to your login form
  • Block access to the rest of your WordPress site
  • Access to a continually updated database of country to IP mappings
  • You’ll find even more options in Advanced Blocking
Advanced Comment Spam Filter

Advanced Comment Spam Filter

Block spam comments more effectively

Say goodbye to spam with Wordfence. The free version of Wordfence includes an excellent comment spam filter, and if you are a premium customer our advanced comment spam filter is automatically enabled which provides an additional layer of filtering. The advanced filter does an additional check on the source IP of inbound comments and any URLs that are included.

Wordfence reduces spam that is known to slip through traditional filters by:

  • Using advanced heuristics to identify spam comments, like URLs, source IP, and content
  • Using aggregated data to identify comment spammers
  • Giving you the flexibility to change your filter settings
Audit Existing Passwords

Audit Existing Passwords

Easily crackable passwords lead to larger problems

Strong passwords are crucial to the security of your site, and Wordfence ensures your passwords are strong by checking them against a database of common passwords and simulating a hack attempt using our password auditing GPU cluster. A Wordfence Password Audit simulates what a hacker would do if they stole your password database and launched an attack on it.

Wordfence completes the password audit, so you can:

  • Know which user accounts are using passwords known in the hacker community through previously hacked websites
  • Know which accounts are using easily crackable passwords
  • Email admins, publishers and members their new passwords if they are using a weak password
  • Alternatively, send admins, publishers and members a request to update their passwords themselves if they are using a weak password
Frequent & Scheduled Scans

Frequent & Scheduled Scans

Take your WordPress site protection to another level with more frequent scans

Wordfence will automatically scan your site once a day. To scan your site more frequently or control when Wordfence initiates a scan, you should upgrade to Wordfence Premium. Upgrading means that you can scan your WordPress site exactly when you want, selecting optimal times that don’t interfere with high-traffic or optimal usage times.

Wordfence allows you to schedule the time of your scan:

  • Schedule your site scans when website traffic is low
  • You can increase your scanning frequency when you feel there may be a threat
  • If you have multiple instances of WordPress and Wordfence, you can stagger scanning schedules for optimal performance

The best WordPress security at a price you can afford

The most you will pay is $8.25 per month and we offer significant discounts for multi-year and multi-license purchases.

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