Wordfence Site Cleaning Services

For Hacked WordPress Websites & WordPress Related Security Incidents

If you have a hacked website or suspect you have a security problem on your WordPress site, you are in the right place. Wordfence provides hands-on support via our Wordfence Care and Wordfence Response products, including full incident response services.

If your site is already hacked, simply purchase Wordfence Care, and we’ll clean the infection during regular business hours, or purchase Wordfence Response, and we’ll start work within 1 hour, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year.

Both Wordfence Care and Response include ongoing security services for WordPress site owners, including unlimited cleans and hands-on support.

Need Urgent Help?

If your site is already infected and you need urgent assistance, simply purchase Wordfence Care or Wordfence Response now. Complete checkout, then go to the Licenses page and click “Get Help” on your Care or Response license.

Our team will start work within 1 hour, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year for Response customers and during regular business hours for Wordfence Care customers (9am-8pm ET excluding weekends and holidays).

We’ll Take Care Of It!
Sign Up For Wordfence Care

For busy business owners, we offer Wordfence Care. As a Wordfence Care customer, you get all the benefits of Premium including real-time threat intelligence, and we provide hands-on support. We install, configure, and optimize Wordfence for you. If you need hands-on support, we sign in and take care of it, with your permission. If you experience a hack or are even suspicious that you may have had a security incident, simply open a support request, and we’ll sign in and investigate. If you have an issue, we’ll take care of it at no extra charge.

If you currently have a hacked website, sign up for Wordfence Care immediately and we’ll clean the hack, get you back to a secure website, and then provide all the awesome ongoing benefits that our Wordfence Care members receive. We’ll secure your site for you, so it’s unlikely you’ll have another incident, but if you do, we’ll take care of it at no additional charge.

Got a Mission Critical Site And Need Out Of Hours Support With 1 Hour Response?
Choose Wordfence Response!

For mission-critical sites, we offer Wordfence Response. Wordfence Response comes with all the benefits of Wordfence Care, and includes a 1 hour response time, 365 days a year, and we resolve any issue within 24 hours.

If it is out of hours right now and you’ve experienced a breach, sign up for Wordfence Response immediately, then go to our Licenses page and click “Get Help”. You’ll be guided into opening up a support request and will receive a response within 1 hour, no matter the time of day or night, even during holidays.

Wordfence Response provides the highest level of support available from Wordfence. Once we have you secure and back up and running, you’ll receive the ongoing benefits of Wordfence Response and can open a ticket 24 hours a day and expect a reply within 1 hour.

What Happens When Wordfence Investigates An Incident For Our Wordfence Care or Wordfence Response Customers?

Step 1
Broom cleaning infection

We respond quickly and comprehensively investigate the incident and resolve the issue and clean any infection.

Step 2
WordPress forensics investigation

If you were compromised, we determine how the attacker gained entry.

Step 3
Magnifying glass showing found malware

We remove all malware, spam, malicious links, malicious code, and any other indicators of compromise or malicious items that we find.

Step 4
Magnifying glass showing found malware

We provide an in-depth report of the method of intrusion (the vector), what we removed, and our findings, along with all other relevant data.

Step 5
Search engines

Removing malicious search engine results and blocklist entries can take several weeks, so our team takes immediate action to mitigate the extent of the impact, and works with you to remove any entries if the worst happens.

Step 6

Our team provides a detailed checklist to protect your site from future security incidents and we provide ongoing hands-on support and monitoring for our Wordfence Care and Response customers.

Using Wordfence Free or Wordfence Premium to clean your site.

Use Wordfence Premium For The Newest Malware Signatures And Best Detection Capability

Wordfence Premium has the advantage of having real-time malware signatures. That means that as our team deploys new malware detection capability, our Premium customers receive these signatures in real-time. Free customers have a 30-day delay on these signatures. You can use the same instructions that we included above to clean your hacked WordPress site yourself, using Wordfence Premium, with the benefit that you’ll detect even the newest and most pernicious malware.

Use Wordfence Free to Clean Your Hacked WordPress Site Yourself

Wordfence offers a free version for hobbyist or low-budget websites which you can use to clean a hacked WordPress site yourself. You can find detailed instructions on how to clean a hacked WordPress website yourself, using Wordfence, on this page.
Detailed Instructions For Both Free & Premium

Wordfence Leads The Industry With
WordPress Security Solutions For All

Whether you’re a big business running a mission-critical WordPress website with a 24-hour operations team, and you need assistance from the world-leaders in WordPress security, or you’re a hobbyist just starting out that needs a little security help, we’ve got you covered.

Wordfence Free does a great job for self-administered non-critical sites. Wordfence Premium includes real-time threat intelligence for self-administered websites. Wordfence Care is for business owners who want an expert to take care of any and all security issues that come up. Wordfence Response provides 24/7/365 coverage for mission-critical business sites where every hour of downtime is extremely expensive.