We’re Now Blocking 10,000 Requests Per Hour in Ukraine From Known Malicious IPs

48 hours ago we deployed our commercial real-time threat intelligence automatically, and for free, to all Ukrainian websites with the .UA top-level domain. That has made over 8,000 sites in Ukraine using the free version of Wordfence significantly more secure.

At noon-UTC on March 2nd, those sites started updating from our servers and receiving our IP blocklist. As known malicious IP addresses tried to access these sites, they were blocked. The number of blocks per hour ramped up from a range of less than 200, to around 10,000 blocked requests per hour, or about a quarter-million blocked requests from known malicious IPs per day, targeting Ukraine websites.

We have also, effective immediately, blocked Russian government websites from using Wordfence. Those sites will continue to have Wordfence installed and will function normally, but they will no longer receive any threat intelligence from our servers. That means they will no longer receive firewall rules, malware signatures, a list of IPs currently engaged in brute-force attacks, or our IP blocklist. We are not taking any action against non-government websites in Russia as we do not want to affect civilians.

Wordfence will continue to use our technology to assist the people of Ukraine in defending their nation.

Mark Maunder – Wordfence Founder & CEO


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  • That is really good Guys. Love it.
    I am a big user of WordFence, and you have now extended my thanks and respect.
    All my love and support for Ukraine.
    Don't let the Russians bully you.

    • Thank you for sharing your responsible, caring actions. To me, business is one of our social institutions where we can truly show our integrity and compassion.

  • Great work, I am even more impressed Wordfence, good working on your continual blocking of malicious site traffic.

  • Thanks. I'm grateful you were able to act so quickly.

  • You guys are beyond awesome!!

  • Thanks for this great work. Ukraine needs all the help it can get right now.

  • Hell yes. This makes me so happy to be a Wordfence supporter and user.

  • Love what you guys are doing here!

  • Great work!!!

  • Love this! Thank you for recognizing the need & stepping up.

  • Brilliant!

  • Awesome work!! Love you guys. Everyone around the world is coming together, its good to see.

  • Thanks for your action ! You’re a very good company, all the best for you

  • Good Job! Our thanks and respect to Wordfence by supporting the people of Ukraine in this professional manner.

  • Well done guys you’re the best.

  • Thank you! This is awesome.

  • Wonderful work! Fighting the good fight. Proud to use your plug-in.

  • Love and appreciate the steps you have taken during this impossibly difficult time. Keep up the good work.

  • Outstanding. There are good uses of technology and bad uses. Helping protect democracy from overt aggression is very much a good use of technology.

  • That's good indeed. I am impressed by your decision to take action into the struggle. Thank you

  • So impressed and grateful that you are doing this. Just amazing.

  • That's brilliant and not a moment too soon—clearly needed

  • Wonderful! Bless you!

  • Excellent ☺️. Well done for doing what you can.

  • Big respect for you guys.Thank you for your work.

  • Thanks to all your team for your support!

  • This is great. Even more glad we use your product.

  • Thank you Wordfence! Will new wordfence installations under the .ua domain also receive the free real-time threat intelligence benefit? Or is it only available to .ua installations at the time of deployment on March 1?

    • This also applies to new installations.

  • The Right Move - Good On Ya!

  • Awesome. 👏Would be great if it also applied to known Kremlin controlled misinformation media sites.

  • Thank you for taking this stand.

  • This gives me goose bumps Matt! A huge thank you to you and the whole Wordfence team. Wow.

  • Well done... thanks for your work and for letting us know!

  • Bravo guys!! On every level you have protected Ukraine and Russian civilians who are already helpless & soon will be feeling the sting of their economy being shattered. I'm a Wordfence customer for life 🙌🇺🇦

  • Love it! Brilliant. Thank you.

  • Onya Fences Team. :-) The correct way to affect Lil baddy vlady.
    As a long time Wordfence user, U R The Best!! I will be upgrading to premium as soon as the pennies allow it, in order for me, to support you in your support of Ukrainian heroes and victims. Bravo!! C'mon freeby pluggies. Upgrade + support

  • Brilliant guys. I am pleased to be a customer of such a caring company.

  • nice move!

  • Thank you. What you've done increases my trust in your integrity.

  • I recognize very well your way of being and your usual generosity. Thanks to the Wordfence team, a great and very professional team with great values.

  • Thank you for this! Makes me love your product even more.

  • Well done, Defiant - a good call and one that has impressed me personally. I wonder, does Russia have an official method of reporting cyber attacks to their authorities? Perhaps you could automate such reporting - give them a taste of their own medicine...

    Slava Ukraini!

  • The best email received today! Thank you for taking action!

  • Well done guys! Proud of your work for supporting the Ukraine users :-)

  • I salute your support for Ukraine.

  • Thank you! I admire your decision.

  • Well done guys!!!

  • You guys are awesome! Thank you for all your efforts and let's hope that everything comes to a good end.

  • You rock! Let's cross our fingers that Poetins point of view will change in a better way.

  • Thank you for standing up and doing the right thing.

  • You all are awesome! Love how you're supporting the Ukraine!

  • I've been using your plugin for a few months and have been impressed with the tools available (it took a lot of work but I rescued one of my sites from hacker takeovers). Now I'm even more impressed with the integrity of your company. Thank you for all that you do.

  • This is awesome. Thanks for doing this!

  • Sorry for the late comment, but I want to express thanks to you all here at Wordfence and every commercial operator that has gotten involved in the effort to try and bring peace back to the world. It really shows the character of your organization and makes paying for your services even sweeter, knowing that those who cannot get it can use it in their time of need. It is an honor to work with you now and in the future! Toby at PIMM Studios. #UkraineStrong