Complete WordPress Site Security Audit

Nothing provides peace of mind like having a credentialed and highly trained security expert validate your security posture and identify vulnerabilities before attackers can find them. Wordfence is the world’s most respected source of WordPress threat intelligence, recognized by leading security industry publications for groundbreaking research that protects millions of WordPress sites.

Let our team of respected security analysts perform a 59-point inspection that covers all aspects of a secure WordPress site. Your final site security audit includes detailed recommendations for improving your site’s security. We back that up with a 1-year guarantee, cleaning your site free of charge should your site get hacked.

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One-Year Wordfence Premium Subscription Included!

As part of this service we will install Wordfence Premium onto your
WordPress site and include a one-year subscription, a $99 value.

Accepted payment methods

1-Year Guarantee

Work guaranteed for 1 year from service only if post-service recommendations are followed. Cleaning a site requires access to the admin area of your site, FTP login, and control panel access. We also need SSH access if available. After paying you will be redirected to a secure page to enter your login information that is sent encrypted to our systems. Only authorized Security Analysts have access to this information. We are not able to provide service for sites with certain configurations including those hosted on Windows servers. Additional charges may apply for sites over 10GB in size.