Profile Builder – User Profile & User Registration Forms <= 3.9.0 - Insecure Password Reset Mechanism

Unverified Password Change
CVE CVE-2023-2297
CVSS 9.8 (Critical)
Publicly Published February 13, 2023
Last Updated April 27, 2023
Researcher Lana Codes


The Profile Builder – User Profile & User Registration Forms plugin for WordPress is vulnerable to unauthorized password resets in versions up to, and including 3.9.0. This is due to the plugin using native password reset functionality, with insufficient validation on the password reset function (wppb_front_end_password_recovery). The function uses the plaintext value of a password reset key instead of a hashed value which means it can easily be retrieved and subsequently used. An attacker can leverage CVE-2023-0814, or another vulnerability like SQL Injection in another plugin or theme installed on the site to successfully exploit this vulnerability.



1 affected software package

Software Type Plugin
Software Slug profile-builder (view on
Patched? Yes
Remediation Update to version 3.9.1, or a newer patched version
Affected Version
  • <= 3.9.0
Patched Version
  • 3.9.1

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