Top 10 Offending IPs from IP Threat Feed
Past 24 hours
# IP Address Blocked Attacks
1 17,100,140
2 13,065,351
3 10,584,238
4 9,673,270
5 9,318,162
6 8,232,247
7 7,070,266
8 2,565,955
9 2,276,598
10 2,175,792
Top 5 Generic Vulnerabilities Blocked by Wordfence
Past 24 hours

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Recently Added Vulnerabilities

# Title CVE ID CVSS Researchers Date
1 Post and Page Builder by BoldGrid – Visual Drag and Drop Editor <= 1.26.6 - Authenticated (Contributor+) Stored Cross-Site Scripting via File Upload CVE-2024-6848 6.4 wesley (wcraft) July 19, 2024
2 SEO Plugin by Squirrly SEO <= 12.3.19 - Authenticated (Contributor+) SQL Injection via url Parameter CVE-2024-6497 8.8 bart July 19, 2024
3 Getwid – Gutenberg Blocks <= 2.0.10 - Missing Authentication to MailChimp API key update CVE-2024-6491 4.3 Peter Thaleikis July 19, 2024
4 Mercado Pago payments for WooCommerce 7.3.0 - 7.6.1 - Authenticated (Subscriber+) Arbitrary File Download CVE-2024-3934 6.5 Krzysztof Zając July 19, 2024
5 WooCommerce - Social Login <= 2.7.3 - Unauthenticated Privilege Escalation via One-Time Password CVE-2024-6637 7.3 Vu Nguyen (maxntv) July 19, 2024
6 Addonify – Quick View For WooCommerce <= 1.2.16 - Unauthenticated Full Path Dislcosure CVE-2024-6560 5.3 stealthcopter July 19, 2024
7 Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7 <= 2.4.13 - Cross-Site Request Forgery to Plugin Setting Reset CVE-2024-5804 4.3 Marco Wotschka July 19, 2024
8 WooCommerce - Social Login <= 2.7.3 - Missing Authorization to Unauthenticated Privilege Escalation CVE-2024-6636 9.8 Vu Nguyen (maxntv) July 19, 2024
9 Easy Testimonials <= 3.9.5 - Authenticated (Contributor+) Stored Cross-Site Scripting via Shortcode CVE-2024-2337 6.4 Krzysztof Zając July 19, 2024
10 WP Mail SMTP <= 4.0.1 - Authenticated (Admin+) SMTP Password Exposure CVE-2024-6694 2.7 Guus Verbeek July 19, 2024

Researcher Hall of Fame (Past 30 days)

Rank Name
Vulnerabilities since Jun 21, 2024
1 Dhabaleshwar Das 40
2 Rafie Muhammad 33
3 stealthcopter 33
4 Lucio Sá 25
5 João Pedro Soares de Alcântara 23
6 wesley (wcraft) 23
7 Joshua Chan 18
8 Dave Jong 17
9 Bob Matyas 17
10 LVT-tholv2k 17

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