Who We Are

Welcome to Wordfence!

Wordfence is the leader in securing WordPress. We are the makers of the Wordfence plugin with over 5 million active installs, we publish ground-breaking threat research related to WordPress, and we provide excellence in customer support for small, medium, and large WordPress websites where security is imperative.

We are incorporated as Defiant Inc in Delaware and headquartered in Seattle, Washington. You can find our corporate website at Defiant.com. Our founders are Mark Maunder and Kerry Boyte. Mark has been in the security field for over a quarter-century working in diverse fields and environments as an operations engineer, developer and executive, in Africa, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States where he lives. Mark is currently our chief executive officer.

Kerry started her career in security in the 90s leading a team at Norton and has worked in fields ranging from computer engineering to software quality assurance to business development and finance, both in a hands-on capacity and in an executive role. Kerry is our Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

Our team is made up of approximately 40 amazing individuals. Most of us are based in the United States with team members in Europe, the UK, and Australia. Our company is entirely remote, but we do travel to visit each other, our customers, and conferences from time to time.

At Wordfence our priority is to serve the needs and challenges of our customers. We do this by focusing on excellence in engineering, great customer service, and building and running a sustainable and ethical business. Our customers guide most of our decision-making. If you would like to provide direct feedback, you can email Mark at ceo@wordfence.com or just tag or DM me on Twitter @mmaunder.

Whether you choose our free product, are a Wordfence Premium customer running a self-managed website, are a busy business owner using Wordfence Care, or run a mission-critical business site and use Wordfence Response, we are proud to call you a Wordfence customer and look forward to helping you stay secure.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Once again, you can contact me personally at ceo@wordfence.com or on Twitter @mmaunder. You can also find a range of other ways to contact us, our team, or to get help with Wordfence by visiting our Contact page.

Kind regards,

Mark Maunder - Wordfence Founder and Defiant Inc CEO.