Vulnerability Researcher Hall of Fame

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Researcher Hall of Fame (All Time)

Rank Name
Total Vulnerabilities
1 István Márton 837
2 Rafie Muhammad 448
3 Krzysztof Zając 396
4 Mika 311
5 Francesco Carlucci 293
6 WPScanTeam 287
7 Abdi Pranata 270
8 Vladislav Pokrovsky (ΞX.MI) 260
9 Marco Wotschka 228
10 Ngô Thiên An (ancorn_) 217
11 Jerome Bruandet 212
12 Dave Jong 206
13 Rio Darmawan 190
14 wesley (wcraft) 178
15 stealthcopter 173
16 Lucio Sá 171
17 yuyudhn 158
18 Ram 150
19 Dhabaleshwar Das 147
20 LVT-tholv2k 136

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