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Episode 72: WordPress 5.4 Released, Zoom Conferencing Safety & Security

This entry was posted in Podcasts on April 06, 2020 by Kathy Zant   0 Replies

This week, we look at the WordPress 5.4 release which includes turning distraction free editing on by default. We also look at new plugin vulnerabilities discovered by the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team, including those found in Rank Math and a Contact From 7 helper plugin. We review the new features recently added to Fast or …
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Episode 71: Hackers Targeting COVID-19 Fears

This entry was posted in Podcasts on March 25, 2020 by Kathy Zant   2 Replies

With many of us under either lockdown or shelter-in-place orders due to the COVID-19/Corona virus, fear and stress are rampant. This additional stress lowers our critical thinking capabilities and increases our vulnerability. Hackers targeting these human vulnerabilities are using the global pandemic to attempt exploitation through numerous scams and phishing campaigns. We also cover plugin …
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Episode 70: Customer Education and Agency Resiliency with Jon Bius

This entry was posted in Podcasts on March 14, 2020 by Kathy Zant   0 Replies

We chat with Jon Bius, a web developer at Biz Tools One, an agency in Fayetteville, NC, about how they use customer education to build relationships and differentiate their business. Jon has been helping customers build websites for over two decades, and he talks about how WordPress helps him empower his customers. In the news, …
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Episode 69: The Meteoric Growth of Elementor with Kfir Bitton

This entry was posted in Podcasts on March 06, 2020 by Kathy Zant   0 Replies

On February 26, WordPress page building platform Elementor announced that they had received $15 million in venture funding. After topping 4 million installations of their plugin in January, it appears that Elementor is on a path to do some big things with WordPress. This week, we chat with Elementor CRO Kfir Bitton from his office …
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Episode 68: More Plugin Vulnerabilities and Active Attack Campaigns

This entry was posted in Podcasts on February 29, 2020 by Kathy Zant   0 Replies

This week, we review numerous plugin vulnerabilities in popular WordPress plugins and the attacks that are targeting them. We also review the Duplicator vulnerability affecting over 1 million sites, and Chloe Chamberland’s discovery of multiple vulnerabilities in the Pricing Table by Supsystic plugin. Some WordPress-focused companies, Elementor and Strattic, receive venture funding. We also ask …
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Episode 67: Avoiding Common Vulnerabilities When Developing WordPress Plugins

This entry was posted in Podcasts on February 28, 2020 by Kathy Zant   0 Replies

Almost every week, a new vulnerability is discovered in a popular WordPress plugin or theme, leaving developers scrambling to fix it before it’s widely exploited. Surprisingly, almost all critical vulnerabilities boil down to a few common mistakes. In this talk from WordCamp Phoenix, Ramuel Gall reviews these common errors and provides advice on creating secure …
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Episode 66: New Plugin Vulnerabilities & Succeeding as a Digital Nomad with Chloe at WCPHX

This entry was posted in Podcasts on February 21, 2020 by Kathy Zant   0 Replies

It has been a busy week in WordPress security with active attacks on a number of plugins including ThemeRex Addons and Theme Grill Demo Importer plugins. In this week’s Think Like a Hacker, we look at what’s happening, review what a zero-day vulnerability is, and give you some advice on keeping WordPress installations clean and …
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Episode 65: WordCamp Asia Cancellation Prompts Community Support

This entry was posted in Podcasts on February 14, 2020 by Kathy Zant   0 Replies

WordCamp Asia was cancelled this week due to concerns of COVID-19/coronavirus in the region. This week, Wordfence CEO Mark Maunder talks about the decision to offer the WordCamp Asia Cancellation Fee Assistance Package to attendees, volunteers, organizers, and speakers that had planned to travel to this inaugural regional WordCamp. We also cover a number of …
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Podcast Episode 64: Backdoors, Webshells, and the Growing Risks of Leaks & Breaches

This entry was posted in Podcasts on February 08, 2020 by Kathy Zant   0 Replies

We take a look at the annual hacked site report from GoDaddy’s Sucuri Security and the types of malware they found in various CMS and shopping cart applications. Microsoft reports they’re finding 77k webshells daily, and WP Scan’s roundup lists a number of popular plugins and themes with recent vulnerabilities. A report from students at …
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Podcast Episode 63: Succeeding as a Remote Working Nomad with Chloe Chamberland

This entry was posted in Podcasts on January 31, 2020 by Kathy Zant   0 Replies

Chloe Chamberland never wanted to get into security, and yet in the last three years, she has emerged as one of our most effective and prolific threat researchers. Not only does she find vulnerabilities in numerous popular plugins, she also travels the world while doing so. Chloe talked to me from a cabin in a …
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