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Live Event: Wordfence Central Official Launch and Demo

Today we are very excited to announce the launch of Wordfence Central. Our team has been working hard for almost a year on this ground-breaking project. Wordfence Central gives you the power of a security events and information manager for WordPress. Join me for a live event starting at 8am Pacific time, 11am EST where …
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Why is my site being attacked?

Ask Wordfence: Why Is an Insignificant Site Like Mine Being Attacked?

This question came in from Keith, a Premium Wordfence customer. We’ve dealt with this question a few times in different ways on the blog, but pulling it all together sounds like a great post.

Ask Wordfence: Should I Permanently Block IPs That I See Wordfence Blocking?

This is the fifth installment in a new series we started last month called Ask Wordfence.

Ask Wordfence: How to Limit Security Risks From Plugins

This is the fourth installment in a new series we started last month.

Ask Wordfence Episode 3: Should You Hide Your WordPress Login Page?

In today’s episode of Ask Wordfence, I answer a common question we receive from customers: Should I hide my WordPress login page?

Ask Wordfence Episode 2: How to Secure an Old Version of WordPress

Today we are publishing episode 2 of our “Ask Wordfence” series.

Ask Wordfence Episode 1: Setting Up Minimum Viable WordPress Security

Last week we emailed a small group of our customers asking them to contribute questions for a series of videos we will be running.