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Live Event: Wordfence Central Official Launch and Demo

Today we are very excited to announce the launch of Wordfence Central. Our team has been working hard for almost a year on this ground-breaking project. Wordfence Central gives you the power of a security events and information manager for WordPress. Join me for a live event starting at 8am Pacific time, 11am EST where …
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Why is my site being attacked?

Ask Wordfence: Why Is an Insignificant Site Like Mine Being Attacked?

This question came in from Keith, a Premium Wordfence customer. We’ve dealt with this question a few times in different ways on the blog, but pulling it all together sounds like a great post. Let’s dive in! At a high level, an attacker views a vulnerable website as a juicy collection of resources that they …
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Ask Wordfence: Should I Permanently Block IPs That I See Wordfence Blocking?

This is the fifth installment in a new series we started last month called Ask Wordfence. You can access previous posts here. Today’s question comes from Brooke in Harrisonburg: When I see IPs blocked by firewall, or blocked for trying to log in, is there a benefit to permanently blocking them, one by one, or is …
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Ask Wordfence: How to Limit Security Risks From Plugins

This is the fourth installment in a new series we started last month. You can access previous posts here. Today’s question comes from Michela in Pordenone, Italy: Plugins are necessary for enhanced functionality of each WP site but the more plugins we add the higher the risk to potential threats. How can we limit this risk …
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Ask Wordfence Episode 3: Should You Hide Your WordPress Login Page?

In today’s episode of Ask Wordfence, I answer a common question we receive from customers: Should I hide my WordPress login page? You’ll discover why this is a bad idea and see other techniques that you can use to better secure your WordPress login system. You’ll also learn what the most dangerous threats targeting WordPress …
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Ask Wordfence Episode 2: How to Secure an Old Version of WordPress

Today we are publishing episode 2 of our “Ask Wordfence” series. Today’s question comes from Ilko in Bulgaria who would like to know how to secure an old outdated WordPress installation. You can watch the episode here on our blog or you can watch it on YouTube. Don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel and …
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Ask Wordfence Episode 1: Setting Up Minimum Viable WordPress Security

Last week we emailed a small group of our customers asking them to contribute questions for a series of videos we will be running. We received questions from many of you, so thank you very much for participating! Today we are publishing Episode 1 of “Ask Wordfence,” where we discuss one of the questions we …
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