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License Key

All Wordfence installations need a license key, also known as an API-key. The key can be a free key or a Premium key.

Wordfence Premium

Wordfence Premium comes with real-time firewall protection, real-time scan signatures, an IP address blocklist, country blocking, and Premium support.

Scan Scheduling

The Wordfence Scan runs regularly on sites for users of the free version. Premium license key customers can adjust how often the scan runs.

Using the Dashboard page

See a quick overview of all your sites managed in Wordfence Central.


Find out your PHP Version, database permissions, connectivity test results, and much more in Wordfence Diagnostics.

Global Options

These allow you to update your Wordfence License, set your Alert Preferences, and other settings.

Wordfence API

Additional functions for developers to import settings or whitelist IP addresses.


The Wordfence Dashboard provides insight into the current state of your site’s security.

System requirements

Wordfence works on most WordPress websites. However, to make sure it works on your site you can check that it meets our minimum system requirements.


A Wordfence scan examines all files on your WordPress website looking for malicious code, backdoors, and shells that hackers have installed. It also scans for known malicious URLs and known patterns of infections.