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License Key

All Wordfence installations need a License key, also known as an API-key. The key can be a free key or a premium key.


How to navigate and use your Wordfence account.

Using the Dashboard page

See a quick overview of all your sites managed in Wordfence Central.


Wordfence Premium is sold as an annual license that is set to auto-renew by default. Discounts are available for volume purchases.

Global Options

These allow you to update your Wordfence License, set your Alert Preferences and Import/Export Wordfence settings.


The Wordfence Dashboard provides insight into the current state of your site’s security.

System requirements

Wordfence works on most WordPress websites. However, to make sure it works on your site you can check that it meets our minimum system requirements.

Site Cleaning and Security Audits

Let one of our Security Analysts help you clean your infected site or inspect it for vulnerabilities.

Wordfence Web Application Firewall (WAF)

The Wordfence Web Application Firewall is a PHP based, application level firewall that filters out malicious requests to your site.

Wordfence 7

Wordfence version 7 contains all functionality of previous versions but it has a completely new user interface. The purpose of the new interface is to make Wordfence easier to use. People who are familiar with the older versions may experience a short period of adjustment. We hope this text will help you with that.