The Wordfence Dashboard provides insight into the current state of your site’s security.

The “Dashboard” page shows the overall state of your Wordfence installation. The first section indicates whether some primary features of Wordfence are enabled. If you are protected to the fullest extent, you will see the text “Wordfence Protection Activated” and the “Firewall” and “Scan” status circles will be at 100%. The following are indicated:

If you have just installed Wordfence, the dashboard will indicate that your firewall is in “Learning Mode”. In this state, the firewall is not yet active and blocking attacks on your site. You can choose to enable the firewall immediately but we recommend that you first read How to use Learning Mode.

Dashboard Status

The “Firewall” and “Scan” status circles on the Wordfence “Dashboard” page indicate to what degree your site is currently protected. The level of protection depends on which features and options you have enabled. If you hover your mouse over a status circle on a computer, or tap on mobile device, an information tooltip will show you what actions you should take to reach full protection. If the circles are fully gray, it means the feature is disabled.

Some features are enabled by default on all Wordfence installations. Other features are premium only and require a Premium License Key. To get more information about how to get all status circles to 100% please see:

Firewall status circles

Scan status circles


Notifications highlight actions that you need to take. Notifications that can appear here include information about plugins that need updating, or if the latest Wordfence scan found an issue on your site that you need to investigate. If there are notifications, a bubble will appear next to the “Wordfence” link in your WordPress administration menu indicating how many notifications that there are. You can dismiss these notifications by clicking the “X” at the end of the line.

The notifications that can appear here are:

  • Updates Needed (Plugin, Theme, or Core)
  • Security Alerts Premium Feature *
  • Promotions Premium Feature *
  • Blog Highlights Premium Feature *
  • Product Updates Premium Feature *
  • Scan Status

* Notifications marked with a star above can only be disabled if you are using Wordfence Premium. Read more about selecting which notifications appear on the dashboard.

Wordfence Central Status

This shows the connection status between your website and the Wordfence Central tool. Wordfence Central provides a powerful and efficient way to manage the security of many WordPress websites via a single interface. If you have already purchased a Premium license key then you will be able to log in to your wordfence.com account and use the Wordfence Central tool. Users of the free version of the plugin will need to register a free wordfence.com account to be able to use the Wordfence Central tool. You can learn more about Wordfence Central here.


You can also find links to “Tools”, “Help” and “Global Options”. Global Options are general Wordfence options such as email configuration for where to send Wordfence alerts, which things you want to be alerted about, and which types of notifications you would like to have on the “Dashboard” page.


This shows select statistics summarizing the most recent firewall activity on your website.

The “Firewall Summary” shows the number of attacks on your site that were recently blocked. The data is organized by attack types.

“Total Attacks Blocked” is a graphical representation of all attacks on your site and across the Wordfence Security Network.

You can learn more about Firewall Statistics and attack types on the Firewall Statistics page.