License Key

All Wordfence installations need a license key, also known as an API-key. The key can be a free key or a Premium key.

Installing your License Key

When you purchase a Wordfence Care or Response license from, our Customer Service team will login to your site with your permission and install and configure Wordfence for you.

If you’ve purchased a Wordfence Premium license, you’ll first need to install the Wordfence plugin on your site.

When you first install our plugin on your site, you have the option to install your Premium license, or to continue the installation with a free license key which the Wordfence plugin will automatically fetch from our servers.

We strongly recommend connecting your site to Wordfence Central. In addition to many other benefits, you can install or upgrade your site’s license key directly from Wordfence Central.

You can also manually install a Premium, Care, or Response license on your site by copying the license key and logging into your site’s administrator account, then visiting Wordfence->All Options and pasting the copied key in the “license key” field, then clicking “Save Changes”.

Managing your License Keys

When you purchase a Wordfence Premium, Care, or Response license, you create an account at You can manage your License Keys at any time by logging in to at and clicking “Licenses” in the menu at the top of the page.

From here you can do the following:

  • Search and Filter license keys by status and domain
  • Copy a license key to install it in the Wordfence plugin.
  • Manually renew license keys.
  • Disable or enable automatic renewals.
  • Purchase additional licenses.
  • Reset Premium license keys to be used on another site (Care and Response licenses cannot be reset).

Note that you can also use the highlighted icons to switch between List view and Card view for easier management of multiple licenses.

How many license keys do I need to buy?

Each installation of the Wordfence plugin requires a unique Wordfence license key. If you have a WordPress Multisite, you only need one license key because a WordPress Multisite is a single installation of the WordPress file system and only has one installation of the Wordfence plugin.

You can not protect more than one WordPress installation (single or Multisite) with one license key unless it is a staging or development site of the accompanying production site. See the section below for staging sites to learn more about this.

Use Wordfence license on staging

A Premium, Care, or Response license that is valid for a site can also be used to enable Premium functionality to a corresponding staging or development site. The Security Incident response services that come with Care or Response licenses can be extended to a staging or development site for an additional cost of $199/site.

We are initially opening up this capability to the following common subdomains below and your license key will work automatically on these staging or development site subdomains. If you have different staging or development URLs then these will need to be enabled by Wordfence Premium support staff. Please send in your staging or development site URLs via our Premium support ticket system.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Move Premium license key to a different site

    Log in to your account at and reset the license key. After having done that, you can install the key on a different site.
    You can also choose to downgrade the key via your Wordfence Options page and then install the key on the other site. This is intended to be used infrequently and is offered as a convenience to our customers. Note that Wordfence Care and Wordfence Response keys cannot be reset. 

  • Do I need a key for both my staging and regular website?

    A Premium, Care, or Response Wordfence license can be used to provide Premium-level protection on a corresponding staging or development site.

  • What is an API-key?

    An API-key, or license key, is a unique identifier that Wordfence uses to verify that your site is actually your site and not another site. The key is a long row of random digits and letters. When you install the free version of Wordfence you are automatically assigned a free license key. When you upgrade to Wordfence Premium, Wordfence Care, or Wordfence Response, you get a license key which is installed in place of the free license key.