Wordfence provides a feature to import and export most of your plugin settings. Use this feature to copy settings to other sites or to backup your settings when reinstalling Wordfence.

The following are included in a Wordfence export and import:

  • All default options
  • Scan Schedule
  • Manually and permanently Blocked IP addresses
  • Blocking rules

Note that the following settings are not exported:

  • Disabled firewall rules
  • All Allowlisted URL/Param firewall entries
  • Web Application Firewall Status
  • The firewall Protection Level
  • The Real-Time IP Blocklist

All of the above firewall settings are found on the “Firewall” > “Firewall Options” page.

When you export your options settings, you will be given a token which is an alphanumeric string approximately 128 characters long. Keep this token secure. If anyone gains access to it, they can import your Wordfence settings (excluding your license key). Wordfence does not expire these tokens, so your exported settings will be available indefinitely. This policy may change in the future.

To import your Wordfence settings to another site, you need an export token as outlined above. Paste the token into the text field and then click the button to import your options settings. There is no delay so the import will be instantaneous. You will see a message telling you how many Wordfence options were imported, and then you will be asked to reload the current page.