Wordfence Response

Wordfence Response is for mission-critical WordPress websites that require 24/7/365 security monitoring with a 1-hour response time and 24-hour remediation.

Initial Setup

After you have purchased Wordfence Response, you will receive a welcome email from our team with instructions on what to do next.

If you have purchased Wordfence Response because you need immediate Security Incident Response services, you can login to wordfence.com and visit the Licenses page, then click “Get Help” next to your Response License and choose “Security Incident Assistance”. You will use our encrypted form to send us credentials to access your site, and we will complete the incident response process within 24 hours of receiving valid credentials. Find out more about the Incident Response process here.

Due to the risk of cross-contamination, we are unable to provide Incident Response services for your site as long as other sites are hosted on the same server. You must either purchase the same level of service for all sites or delete or move sites that do not require service to another server.

If you have purchased Wordfence Response proactively, you will use an encrypted form to send us credentials to access your site so that our Customer Service engineers can set up and configure the Wordfence plugin and connect your site to Wordfence Central. Once your site is configured, our Security Analysts will perform a security audit. After the security audit, we require you to change the passwords you have sent us.

Security Audit

The security audit service is a proactive 59-point inspection that covers all aspects of running a secure website. If our Security Analysts find evidence of an infection during an initial audit, they will resolve it via our Incident Response process. Once the audit is complete, we will send you a list of recommendations to help ensure your site’s security. You must follow our recommendations to be able to continue receiving Incident Response services.

Your site will receive annual security audits for as long as you are a Wordfence Response customer. Additionally, you can request a second security audit each year using the “Get Help” form.

Hands-on support

You can request support by logging into wordfence.com and visiting the Licenses page, then clicking “Get Help” next to your Response license.

In addition to answering questions, our Customer Support Engineers are available to provide hands-on support for any issues with configuring or troubleshooting the Wordfence plugin on your website. You can click on “Hands-on Installation or Configuration” to request hands-on support.

Note that you will need to provide credentials to your site via our encrypted form. Hands-on support is available during our normal business hours. Our business hours are 9 am – 8 pm US Eastern Time, 6 am-5 pm Pacific Time and 2 pm-1 am UTC/GMT, excluding weekends and holidays.

Security Monitoring

Our Security Analysts are alerted whenever a security issue is detected on your site, and will contact you immediately to begin our Incident Response process if we detect an Indicator of Compromise.

If your site loses its connection to Wordfence Central, or if we detect a misconfiguration that could impact your site’s security, our Customer Support Engineers will contact you in order to address the issue.

Note that your site must be connected to Wordfence Central in order to receive Security Monitoring and Incident Response services.

Security Incident Assistance

If you are a Wordfence Response customer, incident response services are included with your subscription and are performed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and with a 1-hour response time.

You can request incident response by logging into wordfence.com and visiting the Licenses page, then clicking “Get Help” next to your Response License. Choose “Security Incident Assistance” to get started. Note that you will need to provide credentials to your site via our encrypted form.

You can read more about our Security Incident Response process here.

Using a Wordfence license key on multiple sites

You can use a Wordfence Response license to provide Premium-level protection on staging or development sites of the corresponding production site. If you require incident response services on a staging or development site, or wish to have it audited, there is an additional charge of $199 USD per site. Alternatively the staging and development sites can be deleted and recreated from the production site after the service.