Using the Dashboard page

See a quick overview of all your sites managed in Wordfence Central.

The Dashboard page displays an overview of the sites that you have connected to Wordfence Central. From this page you can also add new sites to Central, you can remove existing sites from Central, upgrade sites to Premium and view any sites with connection issues.

Site Overview

For each site on the Dashboard page, you will see the site URL, a brief summary of the most recent scan findings and basic information about the site’s scan, firewall, and license status.

Sorting and Filtering Sites

You can use the up/down arrow icons to sort sites by:

  • Site URL
  • Last Scan Date
  • Highest Severity issues found
  • Number of issues found
  • Scan percentage
  • Firewall percentage
  • License status.

You can also filter your sites by highest severity of security findings, license type, or license status using the radio buttons.

If you would like to search for a particular site, you can use the search bar to type in any part of the site’s URL.

Viewing details

If you would like to see more detailed information about scan findings for a particular site, click the site URL, or the gear icon under “Security Findings” > “Details”. To access a site’s admin dashboard, click the external link icon next to the site URL. If you would like to adjust the configuration options for a site, click the gear icon under “Configuration” > “Details”.

Upgrading Licenses

You can upgrade free sites to Premium by clicking the “Upgrade” link under “Configuration” > “Premium”. You can also select multiple sites that you want to upgrade and click on “Upgrade Sites”. Unused Premium licenses in your account will be automatically assigned to the site or sites that you want to upgrade. If you don’t have any unused licenses you will be prompted to purchase the necessary quantity.

Launching Scans

You can launch a scan for one or more sites by selecting the site or sites that you want to scan and clicking on the “Launch Scan” button. Please note that it may not be advisable to launch multiple scans at once for sites sharing a single hosting account.

Viewing connection issues

If any of your sites are unable to connect to Central, an indicator will appear next to the Connection Issues tab showing the number of sites that are currently having connection issues. Click the “Connection Issues” tab to view the details.