Historical information about previous Wordfence plugin versions.

= 7.10.4 – September 25, 2023 =

* Improvement: “Admin created outside of WordPress” scan results may now be reviewed and approved.
* Improvement: The WAF storage engine may now be specified by setting the environmental variable “WFWAF_STORAGE_ENGINE”.
* Improvement: Detect when a plugin or theme with a custom update handler is broken and blocking update version checks.
* Change: Deprecated support for WordPress versions lower than 4.7.0.
* Change: Exclude parse errors of a damaged compiled rules file from reporting.
* Fix: Suppress PHP notices related to rule loading when running WP-CLI.
* Fix: Fixed an issue with the scan monitor cron that could leave it running unnecessarily.

= 7.10.3 – July 31, 2023 =

* Improvement: Updated GeoIP database.
* Fix: Added missing text domain to translation function call.
* Fix: Corrected inconsistent styling of switch controls.
* Change: Made MySQLi storage engine the default for Flywheel hosted sites.

= 7.10.2 – July 17, 2023 =

* Fix: Prevented bundled sodium_compat library from conflicting with versions included with older WordPress versions.

= 7.10.1 – July 11, 2023 =

* Improvement: Added support for processing arrays of files in the WAF.
* Improvement: Refactored security event processing to send events in bulk.
* Improvement: Updated bundled sodium_compat and random_compat libraries.
* Fix: Prevented deprecation warning caused by dynamic property creation.
* Fix: Added translation support for additional strings.
* Change: Adjusted Wordfence registration UI.

= 7.10.0 – June 14, 2023 =

* Improvement: Added translation support for strings from login security plugin.
* Improvement: Added translator notes regarding word order and hidden text.

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