Historical information about previous Wordfence Releases.

= 7.4.5 – January 15, 2020 =

* Improvement: Improved WAF coverage for an Infinite WP authentication bypass vulnerability. Credit to Marc Montpas for finding a bypass.

= 7.4.4 – January 14, 2020 =

* Fix: Fixed a UI issue where the scan summary status marker for malware didn’t always match the findings.

= 7.4.3 – January 13, 2020 =

* Improvement: Added WAF coverage for an Infinite WP authentication bypass vulnerability.
* Improvement: The malicious URL scan now includes protocol-relative URLs (e.g., //
* Improvement: Malware signatures are now better applied to large files read in multiple passes.
* Improvement: Added a scan issue that will appear when one or more paths are skipped due to scan settings excluding them.
* Changed: AJAX endpoints now send the application/json Content-Type header.
* Changed: Updated text on scan issues for plugins removed from to better indicate possible reasons.
* Changed: Added compatibility messaging for reCAPTCHA when WooCommerce is active.
* Fixed: Added missing $wp_query->set_404() call when outputting a 404 page on a custom action.
* Fixed: Fixed the logout username display in Live Traffic broken by a change in WordPress 5.3.
* Fixed: Improved the response callback used for the WAF status check during extended protection installation.
* Fixed: The “Require 2FA for all administrators” notice is now automatically dismissed if an administrator sets up 2FA.

= 7.4.2 – December 3, 2019 =

* Improvement: Increased performance of IP CIDR range comparisons.
* Improvement: Added parameter signature to remote scanning for better validation during forking.
* Change: Removed duplicate browser label in Live Traffic.
* Fix: Added compensation for PHP 7.4 deprecation notice with get_magic_quotes_gpc.
* Fix: Fixed potential notice in dashboard widget when no updates are found.
* Fix: Updated JS hashing library to compensate for a variable name collision that could occur.
* Fix: Fixed an issue where certain symlinks could cause a scan to erroneously skip files.
* Fix: Fixed PHP memory test for newer PHP versions whose optimizations prevented it from allocating memory as desired.

= 7.4.1 – November 6, 2019 =

* Improvement: Updated the bundled GeoIP database.
* Improvement: Minor changes to ensure compatibility with PHP 7.4.
* Improvement: Updated the WHOIS lookup for better reliability.
* Improvement: Added better diagnostic data when the WAF MySQL storage engine is active.
* Improvement: Improved the messaging when switching between premium and free licenses.
* Change: Deprecated DNS changes scan.
* Change: The plugin will no longer email alerts when Central is managing them.
* Fix: Added error suppression to ignore_user_abort calls to silence it on hosts with it disabled.
* Fix: Improved path generation to better avoid outputting extra slashes in URLs.
* Fix: Applied a length limit to malware reporting to avoid failures due to large content size.

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