Historical information about previous Wordfence Releases.

= 7.5.4 – June 7, 2021 =

Fix: Resolve conflict with woocommerce-gateway-amazon-payments-advanced plugin

= 7.5.3 – May 10, 2021 =

* Improvement: Expanded WAF capabilities including better JSON and user permission handling.
* Improvement: Switched to relative paths in WAF auto_prepend file to increase portability.
* Improvement: Eliminated unnecessary calls to Wordfence servers.
* Fix: Prevented errors on PHP 8.0 when disk_free_space and/or disk_total_space are included in disabled_functions.
* Fix: Fixed PHP notices caused by unexpected plugin version data.
* Fix: Gracefully handle unexpected responses from Wordfence servers.
* Fix: Time field now displays correctly on “See Recent Traffic” overlay.
* Fix: Corrected typo on Diagnostics page.
* Fix: Corrected IP counts on activity report.
* Fix: Added missing line break in scan result emails.
* Fix: Sending test activity report now provides success/failure response.
* Fix: Reduced SQLi false positives caused by comma-separated strings.
* Fix: Fixed JS error when resolving last scan result.

= 7.5.2 – March 24, 2021 =

* Fix: Fixed fatal error on single-sites running WordPress <4.9

= 7.5.1 – March 24, 2021 =

* Fix: Fixed fatal error when viewing the Login Security settings page from an allowlisted IP.

= 7.5.0 – March 24, 2021 =

* Improvement: Translation-readiness: All user-facing strings are now run through WordPress’s i18n functions.
* Improvement: Remove legacy admin functions no longer used within the UI.
* Improvement: Local GeoIP database update.
* Improvement: Remove Lynwood IP range from allowlist, and add new AWS IP range.
* Fix: Fixed bug with unlocking a locked out IP without correctly resetting its failure counters.
* Fix: Sites using deleted premium licenses correctly revert to free license behavior.
* Fix: When enabled, cookies are now set for the correct roles on previously used devices.
* Fix: WAF cron jobs are now skipped when running on the CLI.
* Fix: PHP 8.0 compatibility – prevent syntax error when linting files.
* Fix: Fixed issue where PHP 8 notice sometimes cannot be dismissed.

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