Historical information about previous Wordfence plugin versions.

= 7.5.10 – May 17, 2022 =

* Improvement: Improved scan support for sites with non-standard directory structures.
* Improvement: Increased accuracy of executable PHP upload detection.
* Improvement: Addressed various deprecation notices with PHP 8.1
* Improvement: Improved handling of invalidated license keys.
* Fix: Corrected lost password redirect URL when used with WooCommerce.
* Fix: Prevented errors when live traffic data exceeds database column length.
* Fix: Prevented bulk password resets from locking out admins.
* Fix: Corrected issue that prevented saving country blocking settings in certain cases.
* Change: Updated copyright information.

= 7.5.9 – March 22, 2022 =

* Improvement: Updated GeoIP database
* Improvement: Removed blocking data update logic in order to reduce timeouts
* Improvement: Increased timeout value for API calls in order to reduce timeouts
* Improvement: Clarified notification count on Wordfence menu
* Improvement: Improved scan compatibility with WooCommerce
* Improvement: Added messaging when application passwords are disabled
* Fix: Prevented warnings and errors when constants are defined based on the value of other constants in wp-config.php
* Fix: Corrected redundant escaping that prevented viewing or repairing files in scan results

= 7.5.8 – February 1, 2022 =

* Launch of Wordfence Care and Wordfence Response.

= 7.5.7 – November 22, 2021 =

* Improvement: Made preliminary changes for compatibility with PHP 8.1
* Change: Added GPLv3 license and updated EULA.

= 7.5.6 – October 18, 2021 =

* Fix: Prevented login errors with WooCommerce integration when manual username entry is enabled on the WooCommerce registration form.
* Fix: Corrected theme incompatibilities with WooCommerce integration.

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