Historical information about previous Wordfence Releases.

= 7.2.2 – February 14, 2019 =

* Improvement: Updated GeoIP database.
* Fix: Syncing requests from Wordfence Central no longer appear in Live Traffic.
* Fix: Addressed some display issues with the Wordfence Central panel on the Wordfence Dashboard.

= 7.2.1 – February 5, 2019 =

* Improvement: Integrated Wordfence with Wordfence Central, a new service allowing you to manage multiple Wordfence installations from a single interface.
* Improvement: Added a help link to the mode display when a host disabling Live Traffic is active.
* Improvement: Added an option for whitelisting ManageWP in “Whitelisted Services”.
* Fix: Enqueued fonts used in admin notices on all admin pages.
* Fix: Change false positive user-reports link to use https.
* Fix: Fix reference to non-existent function when registering menus.

= 7.1.20 – January 8, 2019 =

Fix: Fixed a commit error with 7.1.19

= 7.1.19 – January 8, 2019 =

* Improvement: Speed optimizations for WAF rule compilation.
* Improvement: Added Kosovo to country blocking.
* Improvement: Additional flexibility for whitelist rules.
* Fix: Added compensation for really long file lists in the “Exclude files from scan” setting.
* Fix: Fixed an issue where the GeoIP database update check would never get marked as completed.
* Fix: Login credentials passed as arrays no longer trigger a PHP notice from our filters.
* Fix: Text fixes to the WAF nginx help text.

= 7.1.18 – December 4, 2018 =

* Improvement: Removed unused font glyph ranges to reduce file count and size.
* Improvement: Switched flags to use a CSS sprite to reduce file count and size.
* Improvement: Added dates to each release in the changelog.
* Change: Live Traffic now defaults to only logging security events on new installations.
* Change: Added an upper limit to the maximum scan stage execution time if not explicitly overridden.
* Fix: Changed WAF file handling to skip some file actions if running via the CLI.
* Fix: Fixed an issue that could prevent files beginning with a period from working with the file restore function.
* Fix: Improved layout of options page controls on small screens.
* Fix: Fixed a typo in the htaccess update panel.
* Fix: Added compensation for Windows path separators in the WAF config handling.
* Fix: Fixed handling of case-insensitive tables in the Diagnostics table check.
* Fix: Better messaging by the status circles when the WAF config is inaccessible or corrupt.
* Fix: REST API hits now correctly follow the “Don’t log signed-in users with publishing access” option.

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