Historical information about previous Wordfence plugin versions.

= 7.9.2 – March 27, 2023 =

* Improvement: The vulnerability severity score (CVSS) is now shown with any vulnerability findings from the scanner.
* Improvement: Changed several links during initial setup to open in a new window/tab so it doesn’t interrupt installation.
* Change: Removed the non-https callback test to the Wordfence servers.
* Fix: Fixed an error on PHP 8 that could occur when checking for plugin updates and another plugin has a broken hook.
* Fix: Added a check for disabled functions when generating support diagnostics to avoid an error on PHP 8.
* Fix: Prevent double-clicking when activating 2FA to avoid an “already set up” error.

= 7.9.1 – March 1, 2023 =

* Improvement: Further improved performance when viewing 2FA settings and hid user counts by default on sites with many users.
* Fix: Adjusted style inclusion and usage to prevent missing icons.
* Fix: Avoided using the ctype extension as it may not be enabled.
* Fix: Prevented fatal errors caused by malformed Wordfence Central keys.

= 7.9.0 – February 14, 2023 =

* Improvement: Added 2FA management shortcode and WooCommerce account integration.
* Improvement: Improved performance when viewing 2FA settings on sites with many users.
* Improvement: Updated GeoIP database.
* Fix: Ensured Captcha and 2FA scripts load on WooCommerce when activated on a sub-site in multisite.
* Fix: Prevented reCAPTCHA logo from being obscured by some themes.
* Fix: Enabled wfls_registration_blocked_message filter support for WooCommerce integration.

= 7.8.2 – December 13, 2022 =

* Fix: Releasing same changes as 7.8.1, due to error.

= 7.8.1 – December 13, 2022 =

* Improvement: Added more granualar data deletion options to deactivation prompt.
* Improvement: Allowed accessing diagnostics prior to completing registration.
* Fix: Prevented installation prompt from displaying when a license key is already installed but the alert email address has been removed.

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