Historical information about previous Wordfence plugin versions.

= 7.8.2 – December 13, 2022 =

* Fix: Releasing same changes as 7.8.1, due to error.

= 7.8.1 – December 13, 2022 =

* Improvement: Added more granualar data deletion options to deactivation prompt.
* Improvement: Allowed accessing diagnostics prior to completing registration.
* Fix: Prevented installation prompt from displaying when a license key is already installed but the alert email address has been removed.

= 7.8.0 – November 28, 2022 =

* Improvement: Added feedback when login form is submitted with 2FA.
* Fix: Restored click support on login button when using 2FA with WooCommerce.
* Fix: Corrected display issue with reCAPTCHA score history graph.
* Fix: Prevented errors on PHP caused by corrupted login timestamps.
* Fix: Prevented deprecation notices on PHP 8.2 related to dynamic properties.
* Change: Updated Wordfence registration workflow.

= 7.7.1 – October 4, 2022 =

* Fix: Prevented scan resume attempts from repeating indefinitely when the initial scan stage fails.

= 7.7.0 – October 3, 2022 =

* Improvement: Added configurable scan resume functionality to prevent scan failures on sites with intermittent connectivity issues.
* Improvement: Added new scan result for vulnerabilities found in plugins that do not have patched versions available via
* Improvement: Implemented stand-alone MMDB reader for IP address lookups to prevent plugin conflicts and support additional PHP versions.
* Improvement: Added option to disable looking up IP address locations via the Wordfence API.
* Improvement: Prevented successful logins from resetting brute force counters.
* Improvement: Clarified IPv6 diagnostic.
* Improvement: Included maximum number of days in live traffic option text.
* Fix: Made timezones consistent on firewall page.
* Fix: Added “Use only IPv4 to start scans” option to search.
* Fix: Prevented deprecation notices on PHP 8.1 when emailing the activity log.
* Fix: Prevented warning on PHP 8 related to process owner diagnostic.
* Fix: Prevented PHP Code Sniffer false positive related to T_BAD_CHARACTER.
* Fix: Removed unsupported beta feed option.

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