Historical information about previous Wordfence Releases.

= 7.1.16 =

* Improvement: Service whitelisting can now be selectively toggled on or off per service.
* Improvement: Updated bundled GeoIP database.
* Change: Removed the “Disable Wordfence Cookies” option as we’ve removed all cookies it affected.
* Change: Updates that refresh country statistics are more efficient and now only affect the most recent records.
* Change: Changed the title of the Wordfence Dashboard so it’s easier to identify when many tabs are open.
* Fix: Fixed an issue with country blocking and XML-RPC requests containing credentials.

= 7.1.15 =

* Fix: Addressed a plugin conflict with the composer autoloader.

= 7.1.14 =

* Improvement: Reduced queries and potential table size for rate limiting-related data.
* Improvement: Updated the internal browscap database.
* Improvement: Better error reporting for scan failures due to connectivity issues.
* Improvement: WAF-related file permissions will now lock down further when possible.
* Improvement: Hardening for sites on servers with insecure configuration, which should not be enabled on publicly accessible servers. Thanks Janek Vind.
* Change: Switched the minimum PHP version to 5.3.
* Fix: Prevent bypass of author enumeration prevention by using invalid parameters. Thanks Janek Vind.
* Fix: Wordfence crons will now automatically reschedule if missing for any reason.
* Fix: Fixed an issue where the block counts and total IPs blocked values on the dashboard might not agree.
* Fix: Corrected the message shown on Live Traffic when a country blocking bypass URL is used.
* Fix: Removed extra spacing in the example ranges for “Whitelisted IP addresses that bypass all rules”

= 7.1.12 =

* Improvement: Updated bundled GeoIP database.
* Improvement: Restructured the WAF configuration storage to be more resilient on hosts with no file locking support.
* Change: Moved the settings import/export to the Tools page.
* Change: New installations will now use lowercase table names to avoid issues with some backup plugins and Windows-based sites.
* Fix: The notice and repair link for an unreadable WAF configuration now work correctly.
* Fix: Improved appearance of some stat components on smaller screens.
* Fix: Fixed duplicate entries with different status codes appearing in detailed live traffic.
* Fix: Added better caching for the breached password check to compensate for sites that prevent the cache from expiring correctly.
* Fix: Changing the frequency of the activity summary email now reschedules it.

= 7.1.11 =

* Improvement: Added a custom message field that will show on all block pages.
* Improvement: Improved the standard appearance for block pages.
* Improvement: Live Traffic now better displays failed logins.
* Improvement: Added a constant to prevent direct MySQLi use for hosts with unsupported DB configurations.
* Improvement: Malware scan results have been modified to include both a public identifier and description.
* Change: Description updated on the Live Traffic page.
* Fix: Removed an empty file hash from the old WordPress core file detection.
* Fix: Update locking now works on multisites that have removed the original site.

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