Using the Configuration page

Manage your Wordfence plugin options for all of your sites.

The Configuration page displays a brief overview of your site’s configuration settings and allows you to create and assign Templates.

For each site on the Configuration page you will see the site URL, the Template it is using (if any) and whether it is synchronized with the most recent version of that template. You will also see Scan percentage, Firewall percentage and License status.

Sorting and filtering sites

You can use the up/down arrow icons to sort sites by Site URL, Template Name, Sync State, Scan percentage, Firewall percentage and License status. You can also filter sites by the template they are using. If you would like to search for a particular site, you can use the search bar to type in any part of the site’s URL. You can also click the External Link icon next to the site URL to be taken directly to the site’s WordPress admin dashboard.

Managing site options

Click the site URL of the site you would like to manage to change the site’s options. This page allows you to change most of the same settings available on the Wordfence plugin “All Options” page on your site. Any changes you make here will be pushed to your site when you click “Save Changes” (this can take up to 30 seconds). You can also click “Restore Defaults” to use our recommended default settings. If you have made changes here and want to revert them to the settings your site is already using, you can click “Restore from Site” at the bottom of the page.