Using Wordfence plugin options Templates

Create templates of Wordfence plugin options to be used on any of your sites.

Wordfence Central allows you to create templates so you can manage the Wordfence configuration for multiple sites on a single page. You can also copy a site’s settings to multiple other sites at once by creating a template from that site’s Wordfence configuration.

Creating templates

You can create templates on Wordfence Central by clicking “Create New Template”. After naming a new template, you will be taken to a page where you can choose options for your sites, assign the template to one or more sites, or duplicate the template.

You can also create a template based on an existing site’s configuration if you would like other sites to have the same settings. To do this, go to the “Configuration” page and click the site URL for the site you would like to base your template on, then click the “Template Actions” dropdown and select “Create Template from Site”.

Applying templates to one or more sites

You can apply a template to one or more sites from the Configuration page by selecting the sites you would like to manage and clicking “Apply Template To Selections”. Once you’ve chosen the template you would like to use, you will be shown any changes that the template will make to the existing configuration.

You can also apply a template to one or more sites by going to the “Templates” tab, clicking “Manage” next to the template you would like to use, and selecting “Assign To Sites”. It is also possible to apply a template when managing options for a site by selecting the “Template Actions” dropdown and choosing “Change Template”.

Managing sites using templates

Once you have assigned a template to your site or sites, you can change the settings for all of the assigned sites by going to the “Templates” tab and clicking “Manage” next to the template you want to modify. Once you have made your changes, click “Save Template”. You can then click “Sync All Assigned Sites” to apply the changes to all the sites using that template.

You can see if your sites are synchronized with your templates, or resynchronize them at any time, from the “Configuration” page. You can also sort your sites by the templates they are assigned to by clicking the “All Templates” dropdown menu item.

Removing templates from sites

A template can be unassigned from a site at any time by going to the configuration page for that site, clicking “Template Actions”, and selecting “Remove Template” from the dropdown menu.